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The Spiral Of Life

The Spiral of Life is not a Bible study. It is not a program or activity. It is a discussion guide for men’s groups that seek to grow in faith through mentorship. This book is structured to be simple, memorable and transferrable. Certain concepts will be repeated in every chapter and considered from multiple points of view. The purpose is to ingrain the model in your memory so that it will be a tool in times of need. Furthermore, it is meant to encourage you to learn and gain perspective from one another so that you will “be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). The Spiral will challenge you to join the adventure of faith, trusting God to come alive within your entire being through Jesus Christ. It will engage the following questions: how should we influence and be influenced by others? How do we learn from and have accountability with God? How do we join hands with others in fellowship and mutual accountability? What is our responsibility when intervening “to teach others also”? ‘ Note, for supporting videos visit the The Spiral of Life YouTube Channel.

Loren’s Musings

Dr. Loren Siffring has been an inspiration and an encouragement to countless men throughout his life. This is a collection of his musings throughout the years for others to share in.

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