If I were to choose which value that

I hold most dear, what would it be?

My thinking would go in a circle and

Come back to “I can choose” that’s what I see!

To exercise free will and make a choice

Is both a privilege and an awesome thing

Each action, thought or word brings change

We are the creators! Something new we bring.

Unique, like leaves or snowflakes – are our creations

We Change our lives, and those around us.

As images of our creator, we now create.

Choices made by everyone surround us.

As each day is new, has never been before

We write upon it like a brand new slate.

By our choices we create new pictures

Some are savers, some have another fate.

Such an opportunity to produce anew

Some situation, made by what we do or say.

So create and use your choices to delight

Whoever sees what you have changed this day.

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