We know that the Bible tells us that all good gifts come from God.

If the gift is material, like foods or goods, we can often trace the source.

Trying to trace a gift such as creativity, talents, inventions, or the peace that

surpasses our understanding, etc., may present some difficulties. We can

wrongly believe that we are the origin if we lack understanding of how these

things came to us.


God created mankind to be three parted. Adam was formed from the earth

(his body). God breathed into him His breath (His life, His Spirit) and Adam

became a living soul.


Thus, we are three parted; we are a spirit who has a soul and we are

contained, for a time, in a body. Each of these three parts can be further

divided endlessly into three parts.

The three functions of the spirit could be classified as intuition, communion,

and conscience. While these three can be distinguished, still they are

closely entwined. It is therefore difficult to treat of one without touching

upon the others. These three are merely the functions of the spirit.

(Furthermore, they are not the only ones; according to the Bible, they are

but the main functions of the spirit) None of them is the spirit, for the spirit

itself is substantial, personal and invisible. Our spirit is not material and

yet it exists independently in our body. We desire to learn the functions

of the spirit, out of which arise various abilities for the performance of God’s

demands on man. (The Spiritual Man, vol. 2, pp 67, 68. Watchman Nee)

INTUITION –ability to receive revelation from God

COMMUNION -desire and ability to worship and communicate with God

CONSCIENCE –distinguishing good from evil

For example: If an idea comes into light, one could feel proud or even

separated from others. It would be better to receive this gift as a steward-

ship responsibility.

Then, being grateful and checking to see if this squares with our conscience

and our communion with God, the idea is then presented to the soul.

While it is there it may stimulate checking with ones understanding

of Scripture to determine where the idea or information could be put to good


The soul then stimulates the body to action. Perhaps in speaking, or singing or

Inventing or serving or whatever would give glory to God.

Great inventions, discoveries, prophetic words, inspired teaching, new

songs, and perhaps all creativity comes to mankind via this route. Since

God Is The Creator, and He has made us in His image, He allows us to be

involved in the creative process.

Praise God for including mankind in this revelatory process.

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