As you continue your journey on the Spiral of Life, let this website be a guiding resource along the way. You’ll find videos, books, blogs, artwork, and other resources that can help provide inspiration and wisdom as you begin or continue your walk with Jesus Christ.  Enjoy your time exploring Loren’s Musings.

About Loren

Loren Siffring is a painter, a medical doctor, a pastor, a teacher, an author, and at age 89, still a downhill skier. He’s been married for over 65 years to his wife Rea in Rochester, Michigan. He is a father to five grown children, and a mentor to countless men. His ministry, for over four decades, has primarily been in small groups and one on one encounters. Watch the video below to hear from men who’ve been mentored by Loren as well as Loren himself.

More on Loren’s Life

Enjoy this brief video that captures some of the people and places that have part of Loren’s life.

An Influential Life

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