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The Intuition Of The Spirit

  We know that the Bible tells us that all good gifts come from God. If the gift is material, like foods or goods, we can often trace the source. Trying to trace a gift such as creativity, talents, inventions, or the peace that surpasses our understanding, etc., may present some difficulties. We can wrongly […]

We Are Creators, All

If I were to choose which value that I hold most dear, what would it be? My thinking would go in a circle and Come back to “I can choose” that’s what I see! To exercise free will and make a choice Is both a privilege and an awesome thing Each action, thought or word […]

We Have Invited Everyone To Inspect Our Fruit

“just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.” Matthew 7:20  The Bible- New Living Translation   Using this analogy of a fruit-bearing tree, we recognize, first of all, the fruit is of no use to the tree. In fact, if the tree is not strengthened […]

God The Designer

Many things that God has designed, seem to have a rhythm; breathing, heart beat, days and nights, and seasons. So, it seems, with times of ease and distress. When using a sponge for cleaning, we use a series of squeeze and release movements. If God had designed each of us as a sponge we would […]

Brokenness – Not Humpty-Dumpty  Style

Often we hear statements such as “we are held together by our mutual brokenness.”  Does this imply that we are destroyed like the egg which cannot be mended, even with much help? Perhaps we are using the term unadvisedly or in not appropriately. We might be referring to the scripture found in Psalm 51:17. “The […]